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Imagination Workshop (IW) is a non-profit theater arts organization committed to using the unique power of the theater to provide life-changing artistic opportunities to the mentally ill, homeless veterans, senior citizens, and ‘at-risk’ young people. IW programs give troubled people, frequently alienated or overlooked by society, a safe way to express themselves and gain insight that often helps make their lives more successful.

The participants are mentored by specially trained theater professionals (playwrights, actors, and directors) in weekly, structured sessions. Under the guidance of the artists, the participants create characters and then work with each other to imagine storylines, improvise scenes, and experience the pleasure of genuine creation. Then, together – pro and novice – they perform the work on stage under the direction of a theater professional. Through this program, IW enhances the dramatic skills of several dozen professional artists and expands the creative and emotional horizons of eighty to one hundred participants annually.

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"The Wandering Knight"

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Imagination Workshop
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